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English 9
Parent Letter

Copy from below this line and print. Please return the tear-off to Mr. Forthun

(310) 326-0920
Mr. Forthun
September 15, 2001
Dear Parents/Guardians:

I am pleased to welcome your son/daughter to the English 9 program at our school. The following information is provided to help parents and students understand the class standards and course content.

OBJECTIVES: Students will gain the ability to listen, understand, speak, read, and write English at the ninth-grade level. They will study, discuss, and analyze literature. In addition, students are required to maintain a writing portfolio consisting of a collection of various types of their written work.

STANDARDS: The State of California has developed specific learning standards in Language Arts for English 9 and 10. A list of these standards appears on the reverse side of this page. This course will implement these learning standards.

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Using the assigned textbooks, students will develop English skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking. Students will read and understand varied materials while developing vocabulary. Required writing skills include knowledge of sentence structure, grammar, paragraph development, and essay writing. Students are expected to develop writing skills using objective point of view, incorporating quotations, writing sentence outlines, developing mini research paper skills, using phrase transitions, combining simple sentences, and writing five to ten paragraph essays.

ATTENDANCE: Narbonne H. S. has established the ATTENDANCE INCENTIVE PROGRAM . It should be particularly noted that students who are tardy more than three times during the semester are in danger of receiving a U in work habits. Attendance and punctuality are very important and parents are urged to help students arrive timely.

MARKING POLICY: Grades will be determined by classwork, homework, quizzes, examinations, oral participation, and teacher observation. The grading scale follows: 90 - 100% = A // 80 - 89% = B // 70 - 79% = C // 60 - 69% = D // below 60% = F

CONDUCT: Students are expected to be respectful of themselves and others. They should be prompt, be prepared, and be polite. These materials are required: pen, pencil, paper, and a covered textbook.

TEXTBOOK COST: Students have been cautioned to take care of the course text, Elements of Literature. The replacement cost is $65.00.

PLEASE SIGN the attached tear-off and return it with your son/daughter to show that you have received and read this letter. We thank you for your interest and concern and look forward to meeting you. Please keep this page for future reference.


Mr. Forthun
Dear Mr. Forthun:

I have received the letter describing English 9 class standards and course content. I have discussed it
with my son/daughter and we agree to follow these standards.

signature of student ________________________________

signature of parent __________________________________.....Date ______________________