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English 9
Autobiography Assignment

Please copy and print from below this line.


Write a five-paragraph paper about your life. You can use the ideas below as a guide.
Add to or omit some of the information, but use the basic structure listed below.
Begin by listing information and ideas. Write a topic sentence for each paragraph. Develop the paragraphs by supplying details. Cross out any ideas that arent related to the topic sentences. Revise your paragraphs and write a final draft.

I. INTRODUCTION name; where and when you were born; where you live; where you go to school; family members; your three best qualities;

II. FACTS schools you have attended; In what classes are you presently enrolled?; friends; three activities that you like; special skills, places where you have visited or lived;

III. ONE INCIDENT a memory of an interesting or exciting event; OR how someone helped you; OR a person you admire;

IV. YOUR FUTURE What are your plans for after high school? job; education; marriage; why?

V. CONCLUSION What or who is important in your life? Why? Who do you want to be like? Where do you want to be in 2010? Why is your life important?

Sample title: An Autobiography of a(n) _____________ Teenager
Be sure to proof read your final draft.

Write, revise, and write a final draft. I know you can write an excellent paper!