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English 9
Improve Grades

Please copy and print from below this line.


1. Bring your textbook, notebook, pen, and paper to class every day.

2. Copy the homework assignment and complete it every day.

3. Apply your best efforts to complete the class work including reading assignments.

4. Study your notes frequently:

a. Analogies

b. Homonyms

c. The Miracle Worker

d. Study guides for Acts I, II, and III of TMW

e. Vocabulary items 1 50 for TMW

f. Parts of speech

g. Quotations

h. Apostrophes

i. Literature terms

j. Poetry terms

5. Prepare for tests

6. Participate in class activities

7. Do additional reading at home for extra credit.

8. Study TMW vocabulary word games on the internet for extra credit.

9. Plan ahead and organize your study time at home.