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English 9
Book Report Choices

Please copy and print from below this line.


1. Draw a time line to illustrate the events in a novel.

2. Be a newspaper columnist, and write a review for the book section.

3. Write a biography of the leading character using information from the book.

4. Compare the movie and the book versions of the same story.

5. Research the period of history in which the story is set.

6. Make a list of twenty significant questions and answers about this book.

7. Design a series of comic strips that illustrate the book characters from several scenes or themes from the book.

8. Create a collage based on the themes and events in the book.

9. Select five passages, events, or scenes in the book, and discuss why they are significant to you.

10. As a character in the book with problems, write three Dear Ann letters explaining the nature of these problems. Then write three answers as though you were Ann suggesting ways the writer might solve these problems.



Write short answers for the items at this grammar site. Keep a
record of the lesson no., date, and time you spend on this material.
Turn in the assignments for extra credit each Monday.