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English 9
Literary Terms

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Literary Terms

1. character - a person in a story, poem, or play. (p.968)

2. characterization - the process of revealing the personality of a character
in a story (p. 968)

3. plot - series of related events that make up a story or drama (p. 975)

4. point of view - position from which the writer tells the story (p. 975)

5. setting - the time and place of a story (p. 145)

6. theme - the central idea of a work of literature

7. iambic pentameter - line of poetry that contains five units of measure consisting of an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable p. 972

8. conflict - struggle or clash between opposing characters or between opposing forces (p.969)

9. external conflict - a character struggles against an outside force. This outside force might be another character, or society as a whole, or something in nature. (p. 969)

10. internal conflict - a struggle between opposing needs or desires or emotions within a characters mind (p. 969)

11. rhythm - musical quality in language produced by repetition

12. rhyme - repetition of accented vowel sounds and all sounds following them, in words that are close together in a poem ; (choice and voice) p. 976